Bartending Schools in The News

Even though the economy is in a severe recession, bartending schools are seeing more and more students every month. Why is this? Because good times or bad time, people are still drinking and bartenders need to be trained and hired. As an example of how recession-proof bartending is as a profession, think about prohibition in the USA in the last century. People were still drinking, albeit it in a more clandestine way, but they STILL needed bartenders!

We have assembled a group of videos representing news broadcasts coast to coast. There seems to be a consensus... bartending is still a great career. Click on an image below to see for yourself.

As seen in Cleveland

Tampa  Video

Denver video
As Seen on Channel 5 Cleveland
AS Seen on Fox 35 Tampa
As Seen On Fox 31 Denver

Puerto Rico Leadership Conference

Puerto Rico 2002

Greensboro  North Carolina
Puerto Rico Leadership Conference
Puerto Rico Night Life 2006
AS Seen on UNC TV Greensboro
As seen in  Boston
Harrisburg,  PA
As Seen on  CNN
As Seen on CBS 38 Boston
AsSeen on ABC 27 Harrisburg AS Seen On CNN

Denver  Casino College

Dallas, Texas

San antonio, Texas
AS Seen on ABC 7 Denver
As Seen on CW 33 Dallas
As Seen On FOX 31 San Antonio

Orlando, Florida

Nashville, TN

Nashville Bartending School
As Seen on Fox 35 Orlando
AS seen on NBC 4 Nashville
As ssen on CBS 5 Nashville

Baltimore, MD

Kansas City Mo

As Seen on ABC 2 Baltimore
As Seen on NBC 41 Kansas City Mo
As Seen on Fox 59 Indianapolis

local 12 Cincinnati

Fox 41  Louisville

News 25

As Seen on ABC 12 Cincinnati
As Seen on Fox 41 Louisville
As seen on ABC 25 Indianapolis

fox chicago

Salt Lake City

Fox New  Orleans

As Seen on Fox 32 Chicago
As seen on NBC 5 Salt Lake City
As seen on Fox 8 New Orleans


San Antonio promo

As Seen on Ch 5 San Antonio
San Antonio Promo video
As Seen on Fox 43 York

PBSA Commercial

flair  bartending

Our Favorite Bartending Advertisement
PBSA Commercial Flair Bartending Our Favorite Commercial