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Bartending Books - Drink Recipes - Bartender Guide

Discover the real secrets to landing the bartending job of your DREAMS making hundreds in cash per night! Jeremy Sherk's Make Money Bartending program includes a huge 250 pg 8.5 x 11 manual + 5 CD audio program). His program works great for new and experienced bartenders! 100% Guaranteed!

Bartending Secrets Exposed

The program includes sections on how to create a sizzling, 'razor-sharp' resume that crushes the competition! Even if you are fresh out of school with no bartending experience...

How to 'close the deal' and land your dream job...

How to skyrocket your tips using barely-legal tactics...

How to break sales records using subliminal suggestive-selling techniques...

Best Bartending Schools website is now an approved Amazon.com partner. We have selected these bartending books for our website visitors.

You may shop securely and confidently at Amazon.com for these bartending books and others. We are familiar with these books (we actually have them in our library) and can recommend them as being helpful to the aspiring bartender.

No bartending book is a substitue for hands-on training behind a real bar. Go to a quality bartending school to learn the trade and then buy additional books to learn new recipes and get ideas!